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Репертуар группы Ден-Ди

репертуар группы ден-ди
Репертуар группы Ден-Ди



1. PRETTY WOMAN                                                             ROY ORBISON


3. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN                                       CREEDANCE

4. I FEEL GOOD                                                                   JAMES BROWN

5. HAFANANA                                                                       AFRIC SIMONE

6. VENUS(SHE’S GOT IT)                                                   SHOCKING BLUE

7. THE WALL                                                                        PINK FLOYD

8. SMOKE ON THE WATER                                               DEEP PURPLE

9. HOTEL СALIFORNIA                                                      EAGLES

10. TWIST AND SHOUT                                                     BEATLES

11. COME TOGEUHTER                                                    BEATLES

12. MICHEL                                                                          BEATLES

13. LET IT BE                                                                       BEATLES

14. I LIKE TO YOU MOVE                                                  BODYROCKERS

15. BEGGIN                                                                          MADCON

16. SONG 2                                                                          BLUR

17. PRETTY FLY                                                                 OFFSPRING

18. MONEY                                                                           DAVID GUETTO

19. LIFT ME UP                                                                    MOBY

20. COSMIC GIRL                                                               JAMIROQUAI

21. BILLY JEAN                                                                   MICHAEL JACKSON

22. SUNNY                                                                            BONNEY M

23. HANDS UP                                                                     OTTAWAN

24. LADY                                                                               MODJO

25. WILD WORLD                                                               MR BIG

26. BACK IN USSR                                                              BEATLES

27. I VE GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU                              GEORGE HARRISON

28. DONT WARRY BE HAPPY                                          BOBBY MCFERRIN

29. NO WOMAN, NO CRY                                                  BOB MARLEY

30. BESAME MUCHO                                                         CLASSIC LATINA

31. MAS QUE NADA                                                           AL JARREAU

32. AFTER DARK                                                               TITO&TARANTULA

33. YESTERDAY                                                                 BEATLES

34. WOOLY BOLLY                                                            THE SAM&THE PHARAONS

35. MARRY HAD A LITTLE LAMB                                    STEVE RAY VOUGHAN

36. DIZZY MISS LIZZY                                                       BEATLES

37. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS QUEEN                         QUEEN

38.   WE WILL ROCK YOU                                                QUEEN

39. SHARP DRESSED MAN                                              ZZ TOP

40. RAPE ME                                                                       NIRVANA

41. SUZY Q                                                                           J.FOGERTY

42. LA BAMBA                                                                     LOS LOBOS

43. GUANTANAMERA                                                        LOS LOBOS

44. EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE                                      STING

45. SHAPE OF MY HEART                                                STING

46. WONDERFUL WORLD                                               RAY CHARLES

47. ROAD JACK                                                                 RAY CHARLES

48. LAST CHRISTMAS                                                      JEORGE MICHAEL

49. ANT NO SUNSHINE                                                     BEATLES

50. PERSONAL JESUS                                                     DEPECHE MODE

51. OH, DARLING                                                               BEATLES

52. SEX BOMB                                                                    TOM JONES

53. SHE THE LADY                                                             TOM JONES

54. ANIBODY SEEN MY BABY                                          ROLLING STONES

55. SATISFACTION                                                            ROLLING STONES

56. EINGIE                                                                           ROLLING STONES

57. YOU CAN LIVE YOUR HAD ON                                  JOE COCKER

58. I DONT WANNA MISS A THING                                 AEROSMITH

59. WILD THING                                                                 JIMMY HENDRIX

60. SCAR TISSUE                                                              RED HOT CHILLY PEPPERS

61. TEARS IN HEAVEN                                                      ERIC CLAPTON

62. LAYLA                                                                            ERIC CLAPTON

63. KNOCKIN ON HEAVENS DOOR                                ERIC CLAPTON

64. THAT’S ALL RIGHT, MAMA                                        ELVIS PRESLEY

65. LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION                                ELVIS PRESLEY

66. TUTTY FRUTTY                                                           ELVIS PRESLEY

67. BLUE SUEDE SHOES                                                 ELVIS PRESLEY





1. Я МИЛОГО УЗНАЮ ПО ПОХОДКЕ                             ГАРИК СУКАЧЕВ

2. ТРАВА У ДОМА                                                              ЗЕМЛЯНЕ

3. МЫ ЖЕЛАЕМ СЧАСТЬЯ                                              СТАС НАМИН

4. ПОД НЕБОМ ГОЛУБЫМ                                                ГРЕБЕНЩИКОВ

5. МОЙ АДРЕС СОВЕТСКИЙ СОЮЗ                              САМОЦВЕТЫ

6. СМЕРЕКА                                                                        НИКОЛАЙ ГНАТЮК

7. ЧЕРВОНА РУТА                                                             ВОЛОДИМИР ИВАСЮК

8. Я ХОЧУ БЫТЬ С ТОБОЙ                                              НАУТИЛУС ПОМПИЛИУС

9. ГУД БАЙ АМЕРИКА                                                       НАУТИЛУС ПОМПИЛИУС

10. КЛЕН                                                                              СИНЯЯ ПТИЦА

11. ПРЕКРАСНОЕ  ДАЛЕКО                                            Х\Ф ГОСТЬЯ ИЗ БУДУЩЕГО

12. ОСЕНЬ                                                                          ДДТ


14. ЛУЧ СОЛНЦА ЗОЛОТОГО                                         БРЕМЕНСКИЕМУЗЫКАНТЫ

15. ЕСТЬ ТОЛЬКО МИГ                                                    К\Ф ЗЕМЛЯ САННИКОВА

16. ОСТРОВ НЕВЕЗЕНИЯ                                               БРИЛЛИАНТОВАЯ РУКА

17. ПЕСНЯ ПРО ЗАЙЦЕВ                                                 БРИЛЛИАНТОВАЯ РУКА

18. ПОРА ПОРАДУЕМСЯ                                                 М.БОЯРСКИЙ

19. РЮМКАМ ВОДКИ                                                         Г. ЛЕПС

20. ЛЮБИТЕ ДЕВОЧКИ                                                    БРАВО

21. ОРАНЖЕВЫЙ ГАЛСТУК                                            БРАВО

22. ДОРОГА В ОБЛАКА                                                    БРАВО

23. ВАСЯ                                                                             БРАВО

24. ТЫ С ВЫСОТЫ                                                            БРАВО

25. ЧЕРНЫЙ КОТ                                                               БРАВО

26. ПОВОРОТ                                                                     МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ

27. МОЙ ДРУГ ИГРАЕТ БЛЮЗ                                         МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ

28. ЗА ТЕХ, КТО В МОРЕ                                                 МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ

29. СКАЖИ МОЙ ДРУГ                                                      МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ

30. МУЗЫКАНТ                                                                    МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ

31. ЗАМЫКАЯ КРУГ                                                            МАШИНА ВРЕМЕНИ

32. МЕЧТА СБЫВАЕТСЯ                                                   АНТОНОВ

33. ЛЕТЯЩЕЙ ПОХОДКОЙ                                                АНТОНОВ

34. ПОВЕРЬ В МЕЧТУ                                                        АНТОНОВ

35. ДЛЯ МЕНЯ НЕТ ТЕБЯ ПРЕКРАСНЕЙ                       АНТОНОВ

36. СИНИЙ ИНЕЙ                                                                ПОЮЩИЕ ГИТАРЫ

37. ЛЮДИ ВСТРЕЧАЮТСЯ                                               ПОЮЩИЕ ГИТАРЫ

38. А НЕ СПЕТЬ ЛИ МНЕ                                                    ЧИЖ И КО

39. ПЕРЕКРЁСТОК                                                              ЧИЖ И КО

40. ВИДЕЛИ НОЧЬ                                                               В.ЦОЙ

41. ГРУППА КРОВИ                                                              В.ЦОЙ

42. ЗВЕЗДА ПО ИМЕНИ СОЛНЦЕ                                      В.ЦОЙ

43. ДЕНЬ РОЖДЕНЬЯ                                                         М\Ф ЧЕБУРАШКА

44. НЕПОГОДА                                                                      Х\Ф МЕРРИ ПОППИНС

45.  МЫ К ВАМ ЗАЕХАЛИ НА ЧАС                                     БРЕМЕНСКИЕ МУЗЫКАНТЫ

Город: алушта, евпатория, ялта, днепропетровск, донецк, киев, ирпень, львов, полтава, тернополь
Телефон: 8(096)5652405 - Денис

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